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Frequently asked questions

Is your E-bike waterproof?/ Can you ride in the rain?

Our E-bike is waterproof IP54, with a certain level of waterproof, it still leaves the device susceptible to damage if faced with jets of water, or temporary or continuous immersion in water. So we recommend that you try to avoid using it in the rain and dry it in time after use.

Is the bike easy to assemble / Can I assemble it myself?

We believe the assembly of the bike is quite straightforward, and generally takes around 15-25 mins to put it together. Each bike comes with an installation guide which you can refer to, or you can refer to the installation video.

How long does it normally take to recharge?

Charging time depends on the battery capacity. Most of our E-bikes and E-scooters take less than 6 hours to charge, you can check the product manual.