Folding e-bike

How to choose a folding e-bike? Brand recommendation, cost-effectiveness and purchase considerations for folding e-bikes

Folding e-bikes are really convenient. Not only does it meet the needs of commuting to and from get off work, it is easy to charge and park, but it can also be placed in the trunk of the car, so it doesn’t feel too good to use an electric car that can be taken out at any time.

After a survey, it was found that a part of person are more inclined to choose a foldable e-bike, also because of its convenience. This article introduces the model recommendation of folding e-bike brands in detail, to help you quickly choose the right folding electric vehicle.

Precautions for parameters of folding e-bike

Reliable brands of recommended folding e-bike

What should I pay attention to when buying a folding e-bike?

Specific brand folding e-bike model recommendation

  • What parameters should be paid attention to when to choose a folding e-bike?

The core parameters of the performance of e-bike we usually use are motor, battery, and battery life. Folding e-bike is a bit different, because foldable e-bike needs to be small, light, and convenient, and the requirements for core functions are different.

1. Motor: At present, the most common brushless motor on the market is a new generation of e-bike motor. There are many advantages: the starting is more favorable, the climbing performance is strong, there is no noise when driving an e-bike, and the brushless motor does not need to replace the motor carbon brush, even if the components in the motor are damaged, there is no need to replace the motor.

2. Battery: E-bike batteries are divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Because of the requirements for the lightness of the whole e-bike, the basic battery used in folding e-bike is lithium batteries. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries: Lightweight, lithium batteries generally weigh less than 5KG, which makes the overall weight of the electric vehicle lighter and the battery life is not weak. The service life is generally about 3 years. Develop a good charging habit every day, do not over-discharge, which will prolong the service life of the lithium battery. The disadvantage is the price is expensive. Everyone knows that a lithium battery costs hundreds of dollars, which is also the reason for the high price of folding e-bike. The battery is very important, so when you buy a folding electric vehicle, you must see whether it is a lithium battery.

3. Endurance capacity: The endurance capacity of a normal e-bike refers to how many kilometers the battery can run on a full charge, while the battery life of a folding e-bike can be divided into two types: pure electric endurance and power-assisted endurance. Pure electric battery life and the battery life of a normal e-bike are a concept, which refers to the battery life under pure electric conditions. The power-assisted battery life mode requires the rider to cooperate with the foot. The electric vehicle provides 0%-50% power output, and the two are paralleled to achieve longer battery life, which is much longer than the battery life of the pure e-bike. So when you buy an e-bike, you need to pay attention to whether it is pure electric battery life or power-assisted mode battery life.

4. Size and weight: A folding e-bike is generally 120-140cm long, 100-120cm high, and 45cm wide. If the body is too small, it will affect the riding experience, and if it is too large, it will lose its original convenience. The body weight is generally around 20KG, so both boys and girls can drive the e-bike very well.

  • What are some good folding e-bike brands?

It is recommended to give priority to the first- and second-tier old e-bike brands, such as HITWAY, which also have folding e-bikes.

  • What should I pay attention to when buying a folding e-bike?

The shape, weight, pedal function, motor, etc. of the folding e-bike all meet the rigid requirements of the new national standard, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the qualification certificate that meets the new national standard, because the qualification certificate is also a rigid requirement. The following is the certificate of a brand for reference.

In some region, E-bike may not be used on public roads, you need to consult local road regulations before purchasing, and please obey local regulations when riding. The folding e-bike is relatively small in size, and is generally suitable for single riding. If you want to carry minors for short trips to and from school, you can use a child seat.

  • Recommendations for folding e-bike models?


The HITWAY e-bike is use Powerful Motor, Super Long Range: 250W 36V Motor - The highest speed can reach up to 25km/h and a maximum gradient of 25 degrees. The 8.4Ah/36V lithium battery lasts up to 35-70km.

Premium Quality and Easy Folding Design - Frame made of high strength Q195 carbon steel. Electric bicycles can be folded quickly and are easy to use and store. The maximum payload is 120 kg. Integrated 16-inch aluminum alloy tire, stronger grip.

3 Working Modes and Heights Adjustable - you can choose between pure electricity mode and moped mode. Three-speed cruise control and smart meter display. You can also use it as a regular bike. Adjustable saddle and handlebar heights for different heights of people to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride. Suitable for teenagers and adults.

Safe driving protection - front and rear double disc brakes and electronic brakes, pinch brakes and the engine will be turned off first. In addition, bespoke front and rear disc brakes provide more riding protection. Safe LED front light and horn make you safer when you are on the road. The front and rear reflectors ensure you can be seen from the front and rear of vehicles in the dark night, ensuring your safety.

Equipped with a removable large-capacity battery:The large-capacity 7.5Ah lithium battery module, the electronic control system, and the integrated three-in-one design make the bicycle structure more compact, lighter. The detachable battery design makes charging more convenient.


Professional 20" Fat E-Bike: HITWAY e-bike is specially equipped with super-strong 3.0 professional fat tires, which are wear-resistant and anti-puncture. You can ride freely in the mountains and in the city and explore the nature. You can do it enjoy shuttle in snow, sand and other places.

Super Powerful Motor, Super LongDistance: The HITWAY e-bike is equipped with a 250W 36V motor, which can easily climb a 25 degree slope. Built-in 11.2AH removable battery. Depending on the mode, the maximum range can be up to 35-90 km for 4-5 hours on a single charge. If you like thrills and challenges, you can also ride this mountain bike for a non-stop adventure.

Advanced Design: HITWAY e-bike features aluminum alloy body, high strength and net weight is only 26.6kg. The foldable design is easy to carry and space-saving. The hollow seat design is not only comfortable, but also avoids water accumulation. There's also an easy-to-read LCD display (which shows battery, mileage, speed, error codes, etc.) and headlights and reflectors to keep you safe.

Improved Acceleration Mode: You can choose from 3 driving modes. (pure electric mode, manual mode and assist mode). In manual mode, 7-speed Shimano transmission system and mechanical transmissions can be realized, and you can experience a special acceleration experience. In assist mode, you can experience an unexpectedly fast driving experience.

Excellent Shock Absorption: Equipped with a front suspension with front and seat shock absorbers, while high-volume low-pressure tires also act as additional shock absorbers, providing more balance and control on rough mountain roads. The front and rear double disc brakes and electronic brakes realize all-round safe driving protection.


Powerful Motor, Super Long Range - 250W 36V Motor - The highest speed can reach up to 25km/h and max 25 degree gradient. Removable Lithium Battery - The removable 7.5Ah/36V lithium battery for 35-70km.

Premium Quality & Easy Folding Design - ( folding size: 77 x 43 x 70cm ) - Normal size:147 x110cm. Aluminum-magnesium alloy body, low density, high strength, light and easy to carry. (Bike net weight: 22.5kg, package weight: 27.2kg).Electric bicycles can be folded quickly, and easy to operate and storage. The max payload is 120kg. 16 inch aluminum alloy integrated tire, more powerful grip. Front fork shock absorption and middle shock absorption, making riding more comfortable and stable.

3 Working Modes and Heights Adjustable - You can choose pure electricity mode, moped mode and manpower mode. Three-speed speed regulation and smart meter display. Adjustable heights of saddle and handlebar for different heights of people to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride. Fits for teenagers and adults.

Safe Driving Protection-Front and rear dual disc brakes plus electronic brakes, pinch the brakes, and the motor will be powered off first. In addition, customized front and rear disc brakes provide more travel protection. Safe LED front light & horn making you safer when riding on the way. Especially at night. because you’ll be seen & heard by both cars & pedestrians.

Built-in Large Battery Powerful endurance - Large-capacity lithium battery module, electronic control system, charger, and three-in-one integrated design make the bike structure more compact, lighter, and more convenient to operate.