Top 10 Best Cities in America for Cycling

hitway-new Jul 08, 2021

According to the "" website, recently, the US Bicycle Index website (Bike Score) released the latest "Top 10 Best Cities in America for Cycling" ranking.

The site's chief executive, Josh Hurst, points out that their ranking is based on four main criteria: available bike paths, hills, available routes and bike commuting rates. He hopes the latest cycling index will help cyclists find their favorite city to live in.

1. Portland (Bike Index: 70.3)

2. San Francisco (Bike Index: 70)

3. Denver (Bike Index: 69.5)

4. Philadelphia (Bike Index: 68.4)

5. Boston (Bike Index: 67.8)

6. Washington (Bike Index: 65.3)

7. Seattle (Bike Index: 64.1)

8. Tucson (Bike Index: 64.1)

9. New York (Bike Index: 62.3)

10. Chicago (Bike Index: 61.5)