One of the most popular day trips on the road

hitway-new May 05, 2022

Road Biking

If you prefer flat road riding, start from Aspen and Snowmass Village, and there are plenty of scenic routes to choose from in the surrounding area. Between Aspen and Snowmass Base Village, Owl Creek and Brush Creek are the two main cycling routes. The Eagle Creek Road is shorter and straighter, passing through the airport and some scenic ranches.

One of the most popular day trips on the road in the Real Fork Valley is to cycle down the Rio Grande trail gently downhill to the legendary Woody Creek Tavern. After lunch, the 8-mile return trip will be a great way to burn calories.

From Aspen, through the aspen trees, climbing 1,800 feet to "North America's most popular photography location", the Brown Bells, would be a great trip. On this route, it is recommended that you use electric bicycles.
Snowmass Base Village is 7.3 miles from the Woody Creek Tavern, a relatively easy ride along the way, with a scenic short stretch of the River Fork on the way back.

One of the prettiest self-driving highways in the United States, Route 82, which winds through aspen and pine forests, is certainly a popular Aspen ride. With blue skies and white clouds overhead, you're free to travel the 19.5-mile road at your own pace, with the best view of Independence Pass.

Walk downtown Aspen in the summer and you'll see Cruiser and e-bike frames everywhere, which speaks volumes about how popular they are in this small mountain town! Easy and effortless, riding an electric bike can take you to a variety of roads in Aspen and surrounding areas, enjoying the magnificent scenery, breathing fresh air, and spending time outdoors in comfort.