Introduction and Characteristics of Hitwat Folding E-Bike

hitway-new Jul 01, 2022

HITWAY Folding EBike is a foldable miniature electric vehicle created by bicycle enthusiasts, with an innovative design concept, giving a special and fresh feeling. HITWAY Folding E-Bike 24kg. Riders can sit up straight with their hands at the helm. 

Fingers operate the accelerator and brakes, feet firmly on the footrest Let's take a look at the introduction and features of the folding electric bike.HITWAY's current range of folding bikes includes the BK2, BK5, BK6S, and the upcoming BK11.

It is an innovative e-bike whose design concept is derived from old bicycles with large front wheels and small rear wheels, giving a unique feeling. Cyclists can sit up straight, with their hands on the helm, fingers operating the accelerator and brakes, and feet firmly on the footrest, and a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The rider does not need to pedal, so a lot of physical effort is saved. E-bike is a new type of electric bicycle that combines the dual advantages of folding bicycles and electric bicycles.

The folding e-bike is characterized in that the vehicle adopts the elevator door to fold the vehicle shaft upward into the overall structure of the ultra-small-axis portable folding vehicle, and the vehicle is folded into a bag (bag), which becomes an integrated structure of the folding bicycle. During the manufacturing process, the frame, faucet, and seat must be connected with locking tabs; the locking tabs are equipped with springs, wire ropes (wire gates), etc., which are easy to operate; the elevator door can grasp the locking tabs to ensure safety and convenience.

Folding electric bicycles are fresh in concept, simple and reasonable in structure, easy to fold and unfold, easy to carry and apply, mature in the production process, easy to promote and popularize

Folding electric bicycles are convenient, applicable, scientific, reasonable, and innovative, and are currently sold well in the market.