How to learn to ride an electric bike? Pay attention to these safety details

hitway-new Aug 01, 2022

Tip1: When riding an electric bike, remember to put your finger on the brake a little bit, so that you can brake in time when the speed is too fast.

Tip2: When starting an electric bike, slowly twist the handle, so that the car will not suddenly rush out.

Tip3: Try to choose a wide and flat place with few pedestrians to avoid accidents
Tip4: Remember to wear a helmet and protect yourself.

Tip5: You can choose a smaller electric bike, which is light in weight, small in size and easy to handle.

Here, I mainly recommend several light and easy-to-control electric bicycles to for novices, especially for girls.


250W 36V Motor - The highest speed can reach up to 25km/h and max 25 degree gradient. Removable Lithium Battery - The removable 7.5Ah/36V lithium battery for 35-70km.

Normal size is 147 x110cm. Aluminum-magnesium alloy body, low density, high strength, light and easy to carry. (Bike net weight: 22.5kg, package weight: 27.2kg).Electric bicycles can be folded quickly, and easy to operate and storage. The max payload is 120kg. 16 inch aluminum alloy integrated tire, more powerful grip. Front fork shock absorption and middle shock absorption, making riding more comfortable and stable.

Safe Driving Protection-Front and rear dual disc brakes plus electronic brakes, pinch the brakes, and the motor will be powered off first. In addition, customized front and rear disc brakes provide more travel protection. Safe LED front light & horn making you safer when riding on the way. Especially at night. because you’ll be seen & heard by both cars & pedestrians.

Large-capacity lithium battery module, electronic control system, charger, and three-in-one integrated design make the bike structure more compact, lighter, and more convenient to operate.


250W 36V Motor - The highest speed can reach up to 25km/h and a maximum gradient of 25 degrees. The 8.4Ah/36V lithium battery lasts up to 35-70km.

Frame made of high strength Q195 carbon steel. Electric bicycles can be folded quickly and are easy to use and store. The maximum payload is 120 kg. Integrated 16-inch aluminum alloy tire, stronger grip.

front and rear double disc brakes and electronic brakes, pinch brakes and the engine will be turned off first. In addition, bespoke front and rear disc brakes provide more riding protection. Safe LED front light and horn make you safer when you are on the road. The front and rear reflectors ensure you can be seen from the front and rear of vehicles in the dark night, ensuring your safety.

The large-capacity 7.5Ah lithium battery module, the electronic control system, and the integrated three-in-one design make the bicycle structure more compact, lighter. The detachable battery design makes charging more convenient.