Folding electric bicycles, let technology subvert your imagination and life

hitway-new Jul 04, 2022

Folding bicycles are common in life, and electric vehicles are also shuttled on large and small roads. Due to the inconvenient parking of bicycles and electric vehicles, shared bicycles have been born in the past two years, but we often find that at the critical moment when we want to use them, we cannot find a single shared bicycle. Folding electric bicycles help you eliminate a series of troubles and inconveniences. Light and foldable bicycles can be placed anywhere at home, on the bus, or in the subway.

①Superior performance

HITWAY BK6 folding e-bike adopts a brushless DC permanent magnet motor, and the high-performance configuration brings you a strong, practical, and stable feeling of use. The moment you set off, you can feel the rush of your heart. This bike uses front and rear dual disc brakes, so you don't have to worry about continuous downhill braking, and the widened and thickened tires are enough to handle all kinds of complex road conditions. The brakes can be re-converted into electrical energy during the coasting process, and the brakes can increase the battery life.

②high value

In addition to ensuring its high-performance configuration, the appearance party chooses a folding e-bike, of course, it also pursues a high appearance. HITWAY BK6 folding e-bike is a work of ingenuity. With a mini aesthetic, combined with a high-quality look, every detail can be perfected.

The city folding electric bicycle of the light luxury level, it must be him! Riding on the street, it can bring you a comfortable riding experience and make you the coolest boy on the street!


An excellent folding e-bike is a reaper that turns heads when you go out to the street, and it is also a beloved travel companion. TheHITWAY BK6 folding e-bike occupies only 0.1 cubic meters, and the office and trunk can be placed anywhere. When in use, it is safe and energy-saving. 

High-quality and high-performance folding e-bike combine convenience and tallness. What reason do we have to resist?