Cycling|The most popular summer sports in Aspen, USA

hitway-new Jul 05, 2022


Not only are they excellent sports complements for winter and summer, but many movements and techniques are also similar. So it's no surprise that countless skiers turn to cycling in the summer.

Likewise, winter wonderland ski resorts are naturally the best places to ride on the green slopes. Aspen, the top ski resort in North America, is such a wonderful presence!

The privileged location of the Rocky Mountains brings abundant and excellent snowfall to Aspen, making it world-class skiing. One of the only seven Golden Cycling Centres in the world makes Aspen a successful summer cycling destination.

For a summer vacation to Aspen, cycling is the best way to capture the essence of this athletic paradise! Whether it's a challenging bike park, winding mountain trails, or picturesque roads, there's always a bike trail and place to surprise you.

Snowmass Mountain Bike Park has 25 miles (40 kilometers) of ramps on Snowmass Mountain's 55-year-old peak that stretches from the top of the Elk Camp Gondola to Base Village with a vertical drop of nearly 3,000 feet (914 meters).

Take the Elk Camp cable car to climb slowly, and the summer mountain scenery of Snowmass Mountain comes into view. Yes, this beautiful place is your destination to ride.

Like the ski trails, the downhill trails have green, blue and black difficulty levels. Snowmass Bike Park has 16 downhill mountain trails of varying difficulty specially built. No matter your skill, you can enjoy riding here.

The climbs and descents of the greenways are relatively gentle and require little physical exertion, making them ideal for beginners; the climbs and descents of the blueways are longer and more rugged than the greenways, which is ideal for tourists with better riding skills It's a challenge; the Black Diamond or Double Black Diamond rides are particularly steep and require jumps, skill, agility to adapt, enough grit and stamina.

If you're new to downhill cycling, start at the Meadows Skills Park halfway up the mountain. Such route planning will not only allow you to learn the sport well, but also experience all the advantages that a cycling park has to offer.

Don't miss the vegetation and temperature along the French Press for intermediate cyclists who change dramatically on this 5-mile downhill blue trail.

Routes like Valhalla, Battle Axe and Animal Crackers are the favorites of professional cyclists. Various terrains bring a lot of challenges to riding, making people more frustrated and brave!

Most notably, Snowmass Bike Park not only has excellent terrain, but also serves as a mountain bike center and a bike school. Cycling lessons here are available for all ability levels to learn cycling positions and skills with professional instructors to improve their vehicle control.

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