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Compared with bicycles, e-bikes save time and effort. Time-saving is very important for people who work and live in a fast paced life in the city; for some elderly and frail people, e-bikes are the first choice. The right travel option. Buying a car is too expensive, riding a bicycle is too tiring, taking a bus is too crowded, and buying an e-bikes is the most affordable, it sounds really reasonable.

From the government's point of view, the launch of public e-bikes is for the benefit of the people and is convenient for the people. In the early stage, cities may not have too many public e-bikes` in places and amounts. It is believed that citizens will gradually recognize and accept this measure in the subsequent promotion, and the government will gradually increase the places and the amount of e-bikes. For e-bikes manufacturers, this is not a bad opportunity. Who doesn't want to get a share of it? Just imagine how many cities there are, what will be the total number of launches in each city? Of course, among them, companies with good product quality, high reputation and strong strength have a better chance to seize this opportunity. Just imagine, if the people of the whole country are using e-bikes produced by one or several companies, what kind of level should the company's popularity and influence rise to? In today's era of brand success, that's not what businesses need and pursue.

However, we must also realize that the promotion of public e-bikes also needs to be planned and implemented according to the actual situation of each city. E-bikes are generally used for citizens to commute to and from get off work, and the speed and endurance of e-bikes and bicycles make them only travel on flat roads, and it is not conducive to implementation in some cities with relatively unstable roads. Secondly, the development of public transportation in various cities is relatively fast. In some cities with less traffic congestion and a large area, public transportation and subways can meet people's daily travel needs. Of course, there are few such examples in large domestic cities.

In addition, from the perspective of environmental protection and energy saving, e-bikes are definitely typical representatives. Therefore, the public e-bike promotion plan should be praised. Of course, there are also some related problems to be solved, such as traffic safety accidents caused by too many e-bikes, but this cannot be a reason to hinder its promotion. We also expect this promotion plan to bring more opportunities for the industry to develop.