Best E-Bike 2022

E Bike| HITWAY E-BIKES Aug 11, 2022

2022 good-looking and smart e-bikes, there are 3 recommendations.

Good-looking, smart, big brand.

In this day and age, it should be impossible to say that people do not look at their faces at all.

The same goes for products. But it's not all about the face.

Therefore, there is  to recommend the three new e-bikes. And in the appearance level at the same time, these vehicles or in the configuration, intelligent functions and other aspects also have a good performance.

You can choose according to your own budget, suitable for your own models.

  • The first is HITWAY e-bike BK5
  • Needless to say, this model has HITWAY's unique brand-recognizable shape design. Its excellent intelligent performance and cost-effective price must also be an important reason for it to attract consumers.

    As HITWAY new e-bike, the BK5 intelligent system is standard, and the practicality and comfort of the new series of models have been optimized. It can be used for picking up babies, grocery shopping, and going to work. It is a model that will not make people feel burdened commuter car.

    For the safety, it has front and rear double disc brakes and electronic brakes, pinch brakes and the engine will be turned off first. In addition, bespoke front and rear disc brakes provide more riding protection. Safe LED front light and horn make you safer when you are on the road. The front and rear reflectors ensure you can be seen from the front and rear of vehicles in the dark night, ensuring your safety.

    Recommended reason is appearance, intelligence and convenience. If your budget is around 550EUR, please don't miss BK5. If you wanna to know more infomation about this type of e-bike, you can also click here:


  • The second is HITWAY e-bike BK2

In terms of appearance design, HITWAY's products still have a certain reputation in the industry. In terms of personal aesthetics, this HITWAY BK2 can be regarded as one of HITWAY's most beautiful models. Although the overall appearance of the body is very simple, it is also very recognizable.

In addition to appearance, intelligence is also one of the main selling points of this e-bike. Front and rear dual disc brakes plus electronic brakes, pinch the brakes, and the motor will be powered off first. In addition, customized front and rear disc brakes provide more travel protection. Safe LED front light & horn making you safer when riding on the way. Especially at night. because you’ll be seen & heard by both cars & pedestrians.

In terms of performance, the 250W powerful motor equipped with HITWAY BK2 has three modes: You can choose pure electricity mode, moped mode and manpower mode. Three-speed speed regulation and smart meter display. Adjustable heights of saddle and handlebar for different heights of people to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride. Fits for teenagers and adults.

If your budget is around 700EUR, HITWAY BK2 should be a good choice with both appearance, intelligence and practicality. If you wanna to know more infomation about this type of e-bike, you can also click here:


  • The third is HITWAY e-bike BK6

Of course, if you have a sufficient budget and want a vehicle with high appearance, high configuration, complete intelligent functions, and long battery life, HITWAY BK6 can also be taken into consideration. As an upgraded version, it is said that this car has been upgraded in performance and battery life.

In terms of appearance, the HITWAY BK6 maintains the design of the previous model and adopts a "U-shaped" fluid shape, which looks light and fashionable as a whole. In terms of performance, it is different from the in-wheel motor selected by general electric bicycles. The HITWAY BK6 is equipped with a 250W intelligent sense mid-mounted motor. Officials claim that this motor has higher torque, faster acceleration and smoother output.

Greater battery life is one of the selling points of this e-bike. Built-in 11.2AH removable battery. Depending on the mode, the maximum range can be up to 35-90 km for 4-5 hours on a single charge. If you like thrills and challenges, you can also ride this mountain bike for a non-stop adventure.

Professional 20" Fat E-Bike is also another selling points of this e-bike. HITWAY electric bicycle is specially equipped with super-strong 3.0 professional fat tires, which are wear-resistant and anti-puncture. You can ride freely in the mountains and in the city and explore the nature. You can do it enjoy shuttle in snow, sand and other places.

In terms of configuration, the second generation of HITWAY BK6, they launched the HITWAY BK6 integrated wheel and spoke wheel bike at the same time. The shock absorption performance of the two is further improved, bringing you a better experience. We recommend optimal user size between 165cm and 190cm. You can choose the style that suits you according to your preference. Please fully understand both products before placing an order. At the same time, please abide by local road traffic laws, we do not accept returns due to illegal driving.

HITWAY BK6 bikes sell for around 800EUR, If you wanna to know more infomation about this type of e-bike, you can also click here: